How artificial intelligence helps paralyzed people speak

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from Stanford created an artificial intelligence that could turn images into writing. In May of this year, they presented their developments to the public, Kommersant writes .

AI distinguishes signals in the head and highlights individual letters among them. Now completely paralyzed citizens and people with weakened facial muscles will be able to create texts with the power of thought.

It is known that every conscious action of a person is born in the form of a set of certain signals. Thanks to artificial intelligence, scientists have learned to distinguish between them.

Brain signals are recorded using electrodes implanted in the brain and allow a person to perform simple actions.

In their previous work, the same Stanford authors figured out what the signal from the brain looks like for oral speech, as well as what signals make the hands move.

However, if the previous development allowed the paralyzed to issue 40 characters per minute, then the new one, specially made not for drawing, but for reproducing letters, is 190 characters per minute.


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