How Artificial Intelligence helps enterprises

(ORDO NEWS) — Artificial intelligence technologies are actively used in many areas of life, including business and production. In accordance with the national strategy for the development of AI until 2030, special attention is paid to the introduction of “smart” technologies in industry, construction and the fuel and energy complex.

Analysts predict that the market for AI solutions (Artificial Intelligence) will reach about $500 million in eight years. Already, artificial intelligence is being used in industrial enterprises to ensure the safety of employees (monitoring the presence of personal protective equipment) and control over technological processes.

AI-based software systems view, analyze data from video cameras and, if problems are detected, instantly transmit information to responsible employees.

Such a system allows to reduce downtime in production and reduce the costs of enterprises by an average of 10%.

Artificial intelligence controls loading and unloading operations, monitors sensor readings, monitors errors in the operation of units and assemblies at enterprises, records the movement of personnel and the presence of employees of the required qualifications at the site of the relevant work.

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Enterprises 2

To perform such tasks, software and hardware systems with a neural network are used. Such systems are able to analyze and identify relationships between input and output data based on previous experience (machine learning).

Neural networks summarize the received information and issue a solution. The more input data the neural network receives, the more accurately it gives a prediction. At the same time, any task can be taught to the software package – in industry, the ability of neural networks to compare objects and predict risks is most often used.

Such AI capabilities can significantly improve the efficiency of enterprises by reducing the influence of the human factor in the process of selecting and evaluating suppliers, analyzing requirements for spare parts and parts.

AI technologies are used to coordinate various business processes and subsystems to reduce the number of human errors, reduce downtime, draw up an optimal plan for the implementation of tasks by employees and move equipment to ensure the safety of the enterprise.

In addition, thanks to automated analysis of the state of equipment and quality control of information received from sensors, artificial intelligence makes accurate predictions of possible risks, helping to prevent accidents at work.

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Enterprises 3

At the same time, “smart” systems are constantly improving their efficiency with the help of neural network self-learning technologies. Algorithms are becoming more accurate and can be applied to even more complex control processes to evaluate deviations or the completeness of work performed.

AI technologies help to increase the productivity and stability of enterprises, optimize costs, reduce risks, and ensure industrial safety. By automating process control, manufacturing can allocate resources to other tasks to improve business performance.


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