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How aliens travel in the Universe, Russian ufologist told

How aliens travel in the Universe Russian ufologist told 2

(ORDO NEWS) — Extraterrestrial civilizations that do not have at their disposal the technology of moving in the Universe using electromagnetic fields will not be able to fly into the solar system. Valery Uvarov, Director of the International Information Center for UFO Research, shared his opinion in an interview with FAN .

Video materials are often published on the Internet on which fleets of extraterrestrial ships suddenly appear near our planet. Recently, the American scientist Frederic Portugal said that he was able to capture the moment when alien ships unload the smaller spacecraft brought with them.

The scientist claims to have obtained images of huge UFOs using a hyperspectral imaging telescope (photo above). The footage from his telescope was posted on a platform that uses blockchain technology to prevent evidence tampering, Frederick said.

Uvarov believes that this is either a fake, or the result of a person’s fantasy being played out.

“I am not going to comment on their purpose, there is no point. As the classic said, everyone goes crazy in their own way, ”said the expert.

As for the delivery of a batch of ships delivered to the solar system, it looks very irrational, since space is a living space where anything is possible. Hardly anyone dares to stockpile their arsenal in a distant unknown star system.

If we assume that there are intelligent highly developed civilizations in the Universe, then they probably would have already found a way to travel between stars or galaxies. Uvarov shared his opinion on how these civilizations could travel in space.

According to the expert, aliens travel on ships that we often see in the sky, calling them UFOs. To move in space, these devices use a powerful electromagnetic field. With the help of the field, the aliens create in space a passage (“wormhole”) through which movement is made. Moreover, they do not even move forward for this. If an alien civilization does not possess such technologies, then it will never be able to travel between star systems, Uvarov believes.

Earlier, Valery Uvarov, in an interview with FAN, suggested that an extraterrestrial artifact was hidden in the Cheops pyramid , which the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and the US intelligence services would not allow to find out the truth about. The expert also revealed the principle of operation of this mysterious ancient installation, which created a specific energy flow from the core of the Earth.


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