How AI training is becoming the new remote job

(ORDO NEWS) — Which intelligence is better to rely on – artificial or human? Each has its own pros and cons, so it is often more effective not to choose, but to combine.

The hybrid model, where AI and humans work side by side, has been called the “digital centaur.” Such systems combine the capabilities of artificial and biological neural networks – the human mind. They are considered the most advantageous when it comes to the final result of data processing.

At the same time, people help artificial intelligence to be smarter. It becomes for them remote work on the network – even for those who are not directly connected with the IT sphere.

How do people help artificial intelligence

It would seem that artificial intelligence is a high-tech sphere. However, not only programmers can help it develop. Most companies that invite employees to work with AI train them themselves through short-term online courses or instructions.

They explain to people how to correctly mark up data for the machine, use the platform or services. Although there are tasks where specialists in a particular field of knowledge are needed (for example, in medicine).

You can help artificial intelligence at different stages of the machine. For example, people translate from human language into machine language: in order to train a neural network, it needs to be shown thousands and even tens of thousands of examples, each of which was previously manually processed by a person.

Significant words and meanings are noted in the texts, objects are indicated in the images. Also, a person tests the work of smart algorithms according to user scenarios: evaluates search results, chatbot responses.

You don’t need to be a programmer to do this – it is important to be attentive and ready for a rather monotonous job. It is also convenient that such employment is almost always remote, without office visits.

Plus, on many platforms, the performer himself determines how many hours he is ready to work today. Of course, you should not expect high earnings from such an activity, but it can be a good part-time job, especially for those who need a free schedule and remote work.

How AI training is becoming the new remote job 2

For accuracy when digitizing documents

For example, for such work, people are attracted by the Skolkovo resident company Biorg, which is engaged in the digitization of documents. Here, a person not only checks the work of the neural network, but also helps her when she is in trouble.

For high-precision digitization of documents and drawings on the Beorg Smart Vision cloud platform, the principle of two-stage recognition is used: first, the object processes the neural network, and if it is not sure of the result, operators are connected.

The fact is that even the most modern machine intelligence has difficulty recognizing non-standard forms. Documents can be filled out in rare languages ​​or formed on unstructured forms, by hand. Therefore, the company attracts specialists from different industries and regions of Russia.

People benefit from such joint activities. By helping AI and teaching it remotely, you can earn additional income.

By the way, the cloud platform is used not only for checking and marking up data, but also for other types of remote work. For example, outside of digitization projects, operators can become employees of a call center or support chats.

How AI training is becoming the new remote job 3

For correct search results

Such giants as “Yandex” or Google also resort to “human” help. Initially, people had to control the work of algorithms. Then the companies began to form teams of assessors.

These are employees who make sure that the result of the search query matches what the user is looking for. Yandex launched such a service in 2008, along with the introduction of machine learning into the ranking system.

Simplified, the work of the assessors looked like this: they manually looked through the results for various key phrases and sites that were in the top of this issue.

If during the check it turned out that the resource does not correspond to the question, contains illegal content, too many ads that interfere with viewing, then the site’s rating in the search results was lowered.

Such checks helped the search engine to better understand the person and his requests, which are far from always simple and unambiguous. It was humans who were instructed to determine the relevance of the pages requested by users, since the machine itself is not able to evaluate this.

How AI training is becoming the new remote job 4

For better service performance

Companies continue to work with assessors in our day, and their scores still affect page rankings. It is believed that the Russian search engine has a stronger influence, plus it has more processes checked manually.

But now people train and control algorithms not only for search, but also for numerous IT services. Virtually anyone can help the artificial intelligence of a search engine develop. As a rule, users perform tasks of a different nature and degree of complexity.

Now people not only look at the relevance of search results, but also check whether the robot searches for pictures correctly, marks up texts and images, monitors whether the pages contain shock content, 18+ materials, obscene advertising. You can work not only from a computer, but also from a tablet, smartphone, and other devices.

A separate platform with field assignments has also appeared, which will allow “digitizing the online world”. Here, a person is entrusted with something that is still difficult for artificial intelligence to control: checking street advertising, promotions, conducting surveys, monitoring prices, working as a mystery shopper.

How AI training is becoming the new remote job 5

To increase sales and better communication

Algorithms of online marketplaces also receive help from a person. People check the accuracy and relevance of searches on millions of products, help artificial intelligence to better understand customer requests.

Tinkoff also engages people in testing, training and improving artificial intelligence. Since 2018, 150-200 people have been helping the chatbot communicate with customers, correcting errors in the answers and trying to make its remarks more human, work with machine learning algorithms, mark up texts and images.

Although the complexity and variety of tasks have increased many times since the appearance of the first assessors, the basis for the joint work of humans and artificial intelligence has not changed – people help machine algorithms learn, control the quality of work and do for AI what is not yet available to it.

Such joint work helps clients to get what they turned to the search engine, store or organization for, and companies and developers to improve the quality of services and, accordingly, the efficiency of the business as a whole.


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