How a miner discovered a portal to a parallel world in the mountains

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(ORDO NEWS) — In search of ore deposits, two Canadian miners in 1968 found themselves on the side of an unnamed mountain, where they saw very strange silvery stones. A thick fog curled near the stones, hiding a portal to another world or dimension.

This intriguing story was submitted to the American Center for UFO Research (CUFON) in 2010 by a relative of an eyewitness.

It happened in 1968 in the northwestern territories of Canada, where two miners – Alex M. and an immigrant from Finland Veino Heimonen – were looking for new ore deposits for the Vancouver mining company.

The place was remote and inaccessible, and both of them had worked here for two months, but they had not found anything suitable. However, when they were about to leave there, they stumbled upon something extremely unusual.

Looking around the slope of another mountain, they noticed a strange notch with a flat groove at the bottom, measuring 15 meters by one and a half meters. At the edges of the gutter there were two large boulders, and the whole gutter was strewn with some incomprehensible stones.

The boulders were profusely covered with a thick layer of moss and lichens, and a thick wall of fog hung on the far side of this site. It all looked so abnormal that both miners immediately decided to go down there and see what was there.

When they got to the gutter, they saw that the larger stones were banana-shaped and reached about 90 cm in length, and the smaller stones seemed to be composed of even smaller stones of silver color and translucent. These small stones, according to the miners, resembled frog eggs.

They collected several small stones that were smooth as glass and about the size of a potato, and then tried to determine what kind of mineral it was. They did not succeed, but they found something else unusual – drop-shaped pieces of molten rock and slag, which in all likelihood was obtained as a result of mining.

At the same time, no mining operations were previously carried out in this region. Both miners knew this very well, which is why they were sent here to search for new deposits.

While they racked their brains over who could carry out work here and what kind of unusual mineral it was, from time to time they looked sideways at the strange fog. It eventually made the miners nervous, they got the feeling that this fog is something artificial and that it was put here to mask something.

Then they noticed a huge tree, uprooted and lying next to this misty area. This tree clearly could not grow on this mountain, there simply was no suitable soil for it. Where did it come from and who brought it here?

The fog especially made Alex nervous and not only made him nervous, it seemed to attract him to himself. Alex could not resist and approached very close to the pulsing clouds of fog. He tried to look inside the clots and entered the fog, and then the following happened:

  • “After about two steps in the fog, I found myself on a grassy field. It stretched as far as I could see. The grass there was knee-high and the further I walked across the field, the higher the grass became. I could feel the wind blowing.
  • When the brownish grass reached my waist, I decided to retreat, but as soon as I went back, the grass became higher than my waist. At the same time, I began to see what was on the sides and I saw something far to my right that looked like an oasis. There were trees and two palms around the edges.
  • At that moment I realized that I had had enough. My mind was completely empty, except for one small piece of my brain that was struggling with this obsession. Then I got down on my knees and somehow got out on all fours out of the fog.”

Alex was shocked by what he saw and alarmed. He felt drained and exhausted. He could not even get to his feet when he got out and lay on the stones, barely breathing. Later, he said that he felt threatened by the mysterious grass and that he was in a state of restless fear, which seemed to shout to him that it was dangerous to go there.

And then the following happened:

He looked at the fog again and now he saw two human figures there. They stood at the edge of the foggy curtain and looked at him. They hovered – levitated above the ground at a distance of about a meter. They were as tall as a man, they had long whitish hair and the same whitish long beards on their faces.

They looked like they were about 40 years old and they looked like representatives of the white race. However, their eyes were unusual, not like those of people. They looked like identical twins and were dressed in pale brown trousers and below the knee robes, tied with a belt. There were sandals on my feet (Paranormal News – paranormal-news.ru).

For a moment Alex looked in the other direction, and when they looked at these figures again, he saw that one was still standing on the edge of the fog, and the other person had gone into the depths of the fog and was barely noticeable. They never said anything to him, just stared at him in silence. Alex felt shocked and overwhelmed, and then decided to return to his partner and they both soon left this place and went to their camp.

Alex did not say anything to his partner about what he experienced and saw when he was in the fog and when he came out of it. And he didn’t say anything to any of the other people either. In the years that followed, he recalled what he had seen over and over again and was tormented all the time, not daring to come to this place again and find what he called a “doorway”.

It was only decades later that Alex finally shared this story with his brother Bill, and in 2010 he decided to send it to the UFO Research Center. After that, the specialists of the Center managed to find contacts of Alex, but he was very unhappy that Bill told them this story. And of course he didn’t say anything about where exactly that strange place is.


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