How a coffee maker helped prevent a plane crash

(ORDO NEWS) — The plane, making the journey from one American state to another, was in the face of a big disaster.

One of the passengers began to rage – so much so that because of his behavior all the passengers and all the staff could die: the man tried to depressurize the cabin. Then one flight attendant had to resort to extreme measures.

Because of what the man started the brawl is unknown.

Muaz Mustafa, a man on the same flight, said he saw a flight attendant yell at another flight attendant to turn on the lights. The eyewitness recalled that the plane suddenly began to rapidly descend.

Mustafa said that more passengers came running to the front of the plane to help restrain the troublemaker. The indefatigable passenger tried to get into the cockpit and open the aircraft door.

Then one of the flight attendants decided to hit him on the head with a coffee pot. And then again and again.

A restless man was injured in the attack – some videos taken after the unscheduled landing show the passenger’s head bleeding as police pick him up. Passengers applauded the work of the aircraft crew.

“American Airlines Flight 1775, en route from Los Angeles (LAX) to Washington, DC (DCA), was diverted to Kansas City (MCI) due to an unruly passenger,” the statement said.

Kansas City Aviation Department spokesman Joe McBride said the “passenger interfered with the flight crew,” adding that the incident would be under the jurisdiction of the FBI.


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