Horse body and giraffe’s neck: pygmy giraffes discovered in Africa

(ORDO NEWS) — For the first time ever, adorable pygmy giraffes have been spotted in Africa. Scientists have the impression that they managed to capture mythical creatures.

A short stature (2.7 meters) can lead to sad consequences in the wild: giraffes will not be able to fight for food, it will be more difficult for them to protect themselves.

For the first time, a creature with the body of a horse and the neck of a giraffe was seen in 2015 in Murchison Falls National Park (Uganda). Experts were confused, since they had never seen a giraffe with a height of only 2.8 meters. The animal was named Gimli. According to Michael Brown of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the creature’s legs seemed incredibly short.

In 2018, a second similar giraffe was sighted with a height of 2.6 meters. They named him Nigel. In the course of studying animals, it was found that the creatures suffer from skeletal dysplasia and abnormal bone development.

Dwarfism occurs not only in humans, but also in dogs, cows, and pigs. In the wild, the disease is very rare, but it also occurs. The first giraffe was last observed in 2017, and the second in 2020. Experts hope that all is well with the animals.


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