Horrors of Jack the Ripper’s latest victim : A story not for the faint of heart

(ORDO NEWS) — 130 years ago in East London, probably one of the most famous serial killers, Jack the Ripper, was now operating.

Finding out the exact number of his victims is difficult, just as it is impossible to establish the identity of a maniac. But one of his victims was remembered by people more than others.

The last victim of Jack the Ripper was as mysterious as the maniac himself. Her name was Mary Jane Kelly, she was the fifth and supposedly the last victim of a Victorian serial killer: he killed her on November 9, 1888.

Historians still cannot find a consensus around the life of the infamous London prostitute. But nevertheless, we can speak with confidence about some facts: for example, that the killer mocked Mary more than selflessly.

Horrors of Jack the Rippers latest victim A story not for the faint of heart 2
Map of Victorian London in 1888, showing crime scenes of a serial killer

Jack the Ripper

The mutilated body of Mary Jane Kelly was found in her rented room on Dorset Street in East London.

Historians note that the whole part of the city – Whitechapel – was characterized by a low standard of living: the slums were mostly filled with prostitutes, butchers, drunkards and criminals, but the murder was not so “popular”.

Due to the enormity of the Mary Jane case, the police wanted to cover up the data to stop the spread of rumors, as people around the world were terrified by the mysterious identity of the crazy maniac Jack the Ripper.

Knowledge of Kelly’s past came from Joseph Barnett, her last lover. Barnett’s testimony about her life is based on what the girl herself said: in fact, he is the only source of information.

However, due to Mary’s various self-proclaimed aliases (Ginger, Black Mary, Beautiful Emma) and the lack of documented records to support her claims, the victim herself is not a reliable source. So, Jack the Ripper, like a skilled detective, seemed to complicate the task of the police in advance.

Horrors of Jack the Rippers latest victim A story not for the faint of heart 3
The normal picture for the Whitechapel area was gatherings of people right along the road.
Even after the first murders of Jack the Ripper, people, including women and children, gathered on the streets near hostels and pubs: in the evening, many got drunk

According to Barnett, Kelly was born in Ireland. With her large family (6-7 brothers and sisters), Mary Jane moved closer to the British capital as a child.

At 16, she married a man named Davis, who soon died: again – there is no record of the wedding, only Barnett’s words.

Later, Kelly would move a couple more times, starting to sell himself on the streets and ending up in London by 1884: it was the serial killer Jack the Ripper who “specialized” in prostitutes, it was Mary, his first victim, whose dead body was in the photo.

Horrors of Jack the Rippers latest victim A story not for the faint of heart 4
Sketch of Mary Jane Kelly next to death certificate

Victim of Jack the Rippe

In East London, Mary Jane allegedly began to drink heavily, actively passing from one man’s hands to another.

Soon, Kelly was already drinking with Joseph Barnett: they often lost their homes due to a riotous lifestyle, which forced them to end up in the fatal room on Dorset Street. Communication with the family of the future victim of Jack the Ripper was practically at zero.

Horrors of Jack the Rippers latest victim A story not for the faint of heart 5
The entrance to Millers Court, where the victim of the serial killer lived

November 8 is the last day of the carefree life of the London prostitute Mary Jane. Her relationship with Barnett was not so close, because the boyfriend did not always know where his beloved wandered.

Until now, the exact routes along which Mary moved on November 8, 1888 are not known. There is information that at about 11 pm, a neighbor saw a drunken Mary with a prostitute friend and a short man (173-175cm) of thirty years old: this is how almost all people who managed to catch a glimpse of the maniac described Jack the Ripper.

Horrors of Jack the Rippers latest victim A story not for the faint of heart 6
The same building and window to the room where Jack the Ripper killed Mary Jane

Brutal murder of a prostitute

Around noon on November 9, Mary Jane’s assistant knocked on the door of a local landlord, no one answered. A little later, through the window, people noticed the bloodied and mutilated body of the prostitute Kelly.

In an almost empty, but now blood-red room, a half-naked body lay on the bed with its head turned to the left. Mary Jane’s left arm, partially severed, was still there, as was her severed right leg.

The abdominal cavity in the genital area of ​​a young girl is devastated: a kind of handwriting of Jack the Ripper.

The prostitute’s chest and face are riddled with rough cuts, and her neck is torn so much that her spine is visible.

The insides of the girl are scattered around the room, but Mary Jane’s heart was never found: sometimes Jack the Ripper literally took a piece of the murdered woman with him.

This is the fifth girl who, by an unfortunate coincidence, got caught by Jack the Ripper: Mary Jane Kelly was 25 years old, she is the youngest of all victims of a serial killer. For ethical reasons, we cannot show pictures of a murdered prostitute.


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