Homegrown experts accuse Bill Gates of involvement in a pandemic

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — “To select from hundreds of projects several promising, to find funds and to establish parallel production.” This is Bill Gates’s anti-coronavirus formula , which says it’s possible to start commercial production of the COVID-19 vaccine in a couple of years.

It would be better to be faster, and here the founder of Microsoft himself is ready to contribute, and part-time one of the most active philanthropists of our time and an honorary partner of the World Health Organization. He has already allocated $ 250 million to seven laboratories where they are working on the appropriate drugs, and made it clear that this is not the limit. Say, the main thing is the result, but he will definitely find money.

It was only worth the billionaire to express how the supporters of the theories about supposedly Gates’ involvement in the current pandemic and that, under the pretext of mass vaccination, he, again, allegedly promoted mass chipping of people, started talking louder. How is the former associated with the latter, and is it worth it to believe at all?

While Bill Gates donates money to fight the coronavirus, others claim that the creator of Microsoft has a different goal and ruin the image of a philanthropist and philanthropist. Like, a significant part of the funds – millions and even billions of dollars – for years, Bill Gates sent just to create either vaccines or bacteria that were supposed to reduce the world’s population.

The goal attributed to Gates would be equated by many with genocide. They say that the billionaire is chasing the idea of ​​”control over the population”, under this version found his interviews and speeches. In one of them, Bill Gates claimed that work on vaccines should reduce fertility by 10-15 percent. In another, five years ago, it was as if he had warned that the biggest risk to humanity is not a nuclear war, but an infectious virus. Some Gates are called almost a prophet, others – the director of the coronavirus.

One way or another, Bill Gates’s futuristic ideas about chipping people went down the line in many ways. Victoria Bonya in her social networks and in an interview fears that everyone will be chipped massively, and she picked up a fake that 5G towers are supposedly spreading coronavirus . She found the report of a certain expert who believes in reptilians, and concluded that through 5G it will be possible to control people.

It turns out that experts in conspiracy theology, virology, and at the same time in IT technology have become leading reality shows, celebrities and bloggers, to which millions are listening. But will their media colleagues support the fact that the evil that civilization fights has been preparing for years? Moreover, the dissemination of such information – about towers that can transmit infection – can be dangerous. In a number of countries, fake gained such popularity that people began to burn them.

Of course, coronavirus has created great difficulties for those who are now in self-isolation, but this is not a reason to cultivate unverified information and potentially create a panic in the social networks of its subscribers.


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