Highest-quality photo of a UFO in history, was found after 32 years

(ORDO NEWS) — The image of the mysterious flying boat, captured on camera 32 years ago, has since been hidden from prying eyes until a secret copy emerged.

The unusual photo sparked a massive debate. Some believe that these are aliens, others that this is a top-secret US military aircraft.

The photo was taken on 4 August 1990 by two young chefs on the outskirts of the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. However, the photo has since disappeared along with the two men who took it.

Two young chefs published a photo taken in the Daily Record newspaper, although neither of them became public.

Due to “confidentiality concerns,” the Department of Defense asked that the identity of the two boys be kept secret until 2076, and that the original photo be made public only after 30 years.

UFO in history 2
Original best UFO photo

David Clark, an educator and investigative journalist at Sheffield Hallam University, told the Mail newspaper that he had found a hidden copy of the mysterious photograph.

Mr. Clark said he was trying to find a copy of the photo because the original was withheld by the government.

The first officer to speak to Cook was former RAF officer Craig Lindsey, whom Clark contacted as part of the investigation.

Not only was he happy to talk, but he made a copy of the photo before sending the document to the Department of Defense.

Craig, 83, who lives in Scotland, gave Clark access to the image and made it public.

Clarke also interviewed a number of experts who confirmed the image was genuine and had not been tampered with.

“As a press officer in Scotland, I deal with many UFO communities, but most of them are just lights in the sky. It was clear that this object was different from the others. When I asked what sound she made, the man replied, “She doesn’t make any sound at all.” Until that moment, I hadn’t taken him seriously, but when he said that he was silent, I suddenly realized that no aircraft that I knew about was silent.

Subsequently, this picture was recognized as the best photograph of a UFO ever taken.

Clark believes that the picture most likely depicts a secret US military project, and not a UFO. one such possible theory is an American reconnaissance aircraft called the Aurora. However, there is no confirmation of its existence anywhere.

Rumors about this began to spread in the 1980s. People have described a silent supersonic plane of geometric shape. And, according to Clarke, the fact that the object was classified was done on purpose under the pretext that it was considered a UFO.

There is no exact information about what got into the photo, but so far there are only two main theories.


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