High-quality ultrafiltration of water in industrial plants

(ORDO NEWS) — Water treatment plays a decisive role in industry. Minerals, deposits and bacteria can ruin expensive equipment and stop production. Therefore, water ultrafiltration systems are widely used in industrial enterprises. They combine high performance, resource and low price per liter of purified water.

How the ultrafiltration system works

The general layout is similar to reverse osmosis systems. Pressurized fluid passes through a special baffle. In industrial stations, ultrafiltration of water takes place at a pore size of 5 nm. Only small molecules like water and individual ions pass through the barrier. Everything else is cut off. At the same time, a sediment layer accumulates on the filtering surface, in domestic installations it significantly reduces the rate of passage of water, and in industrial ultrafiltration systems it is discharged into the reservoir by a special device.

Ultrafiltration systems “Aquaflow UF” have the following advantages:

– Full control over the process. Sensors transmit a lot of parameters; a computerized system is responsible for controlling the supply of a given volume of water with high accuracy.
– Possibility of fast water-air flushing.
– Outputs for connecting a CEB sink as standard.
– Piping, tanks are made of food grade stainless steel.
– Quick-detachable ultrafiltration modules. Replacing them allows you to change the purity of the filtered water and the productivity of the installation.

Applications of ultrafiltration systems

The key area is water treatment. It is necessary for food production and medicine. Ideally purified water is required for the operation of many machines and installations. Minerals and foreign substances will settle on the pipes, the system will fail, as it will not maintain a uniform pressure or heating over the entire area.

Current environmental regulations require wastewater treatment. Such a unit effectively separates all hazardous sludge, heavy metals, acids and active substances. As a result, the enterprise will throw clean and safe water into the reservoir. In the light of recent environmental disasters, this is a very important factor that will help to avoid heavy fines.

The use of ultrafiltration systems allows you to reuse already dirty water. This is especially true in areas with a shortage of running water or its high cost. The installation provides the specified purity, the liquid can be re-launched into the production or even food process.


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