High growth was associated with an increased risk of developing some diseases and a reduced risk of others

(ORDO NEWS) — A new large-scale analysis has shown that tall people are more likely to suffer from skin and bone infections, but are less prone to heart disease and pressure problems.

Doctors have long noticed that some diseases and conditions are more common in tall people than in people of medium and short stature.

Studies have been conducted on this topic more than once, but their authors have not always been able to reliably prove that the effect is associated precisely with growth, and not with the influence of lifestyle, nutrition, and other socioeconomic factors.

So now Sridharan Raghavan and his colleagues have done this work, taking into account not only the actual growth of a person, but also “genetic” – that which can be predicted by certain genes.

The scientists used data collected by American doctors under the VA Million Veteran Program – medical information and DNA sequencing data for more than 250,000 American adults with an average height of 176 centimeters.

For each, more than a thousand diseases and disease states were analyzed, each parameter was compared both with actually recorded growth and with growth predicted based on genetic data. According to the authors, their study was the largest in its field.

The analysis confirmed some previous findings: in particular, a greater risk of developing atrial fibrillation and varicose veins, but less likely to develop coronary insufficiency, elevated cholesterol and blood pressure in tall people. At the same time, scientists have found other “diseases of the high” previously unnoticed by doctors.

So, they are more likely to have infectious diseases of the skin and bones, diseases of the peripheral nerves and chronic venous insufficiency.

In total, about a hundred diseases and disorders can be associated with high growth. However, before unambiguously considering it a risk factor, it is worth getting more reliable evidence for this.


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