High concentrations of hazardous chemicals found in the Arctic

(ORDO NEWS) — Eternal chemicals, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a threat not only to humanity, but also to the animal world. Experts are very worried about the fact that these substances have started to get into food.

Chemicals of this type cannot degrade like many others in the environment. The latest research by experts has shown that due to the rapid melting of glaciers, a huge amount of these substances are leaking out and they are rapidly spreading around the world. This is reported by Science Alert.

Perpetual chemicals are settling in the Arctic. People use them in a wide variety of processes and for the production of a wide variety of products. That is why, after entering the Earth‘s atmosphere, they linger for some time in the Arctic ice.

Scientists from the UK conducted a study and found that the concentration of PFAS in ice depends on the degree of salinity of the water. This suggests that the more salt there is in seawater, the more permanent chemicals will settle in it.

The main problem in this case is that due to the heating of the planet and regular cycles of freezing and melting, there are centers around the world in which the water is too salty. They contain an incredibly high concentration of timeless chemicals.

Thus, there are some pools of hazardous substances that can provoke problems with the liver and even the full development of the fetus if they are eaten by humans or animals.

Surface waters near Arctic glaciers contain twice as many perpetual chemicals as other explored regions of the planet. This means that the faster the glaciers melt, the faster the dangerous for all living matter spread across the Earth.


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