High cholesterol levels can be determined by looking at a person’s face

(ORDO NEWS) — The doctors said that it is possible to determine the presence of a very high level of cholesterol in the blood by looking at a person’s face. Of course, only laboratory research can show an accurate result, but nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to certain changes on the face.

It is reported by the Daily Express.

Oncologist Katharina Svanberg said that even minor changes that appear on the face can speak of the problem. In this case, there are formations called xanthomas. It is worth seeking help from specialists immediately after they are discovered.

Growths of a yellowish tint with pronounced edges in most cases appear in the area of ​​the eyelids or next to them. Neoplasms do not cause painful sensations and do not bring any harm to a person.

High cholesterol levels are quite dangerous for your health. It can provoke the development of urolithiasis. In addition, a disease such as cholecystitis may begin to bother. In especially severe cases, a serious metabolic disorder occurs.

If this problem is not treated, then soon atherosclerosis begins to develop, and serious pathologies of the serious vascular system may occur. Many people who have high blood cholesterol levels suffer from angina pectoris and are at risk of myocardial infarction or stroke.


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