High blood cholesterol can be detected by lips

(ORDO NEWS) — In most cases, you can determine the presence of high cholesterol levels using a special test. But still, there are certain changes in the body that can signal the development of diseases that threaten health.

It is believed that too high a level of “bad” cholesterol in a person’s blood can provoke the appearance of fatty plaques that are deposited on the walls of blood vessels. Over time, as the situation becomes more severe, these plaques will interfere with normal blood flow. The risk of problems with the cardiovascular system in this case increases significantly.

In the scientific journal Dental Research Journal, experts published their study, during which they found that if too many Fordyce granules appear on the lips, this may indicate the development of hyperlipidemia. Or in other words – there is too much “bad” cholesterol in the blood.

Fordyce granules are white or yellowish spots that appear in the lip area. In addition, they can occur in small amounts on the oral mucosa and on some individual parts of the body. 

The likelihood of their manifestation is quite high, but experts considered this to be quite normal. But research has shown that those people who have high cholesterol problems are more likely to experience Fordyce granules, which occur predominantly on the lips and cheeks.

Experts suggested that low density of this type of mass is most likely not a symptom of health problems. The study involved random volunteers who were over 20 years old.


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