Helium-3 leak on Earth became one of the confirmations of the hypothesis about the formation of the Earth in the solar nebula

(ORDO NEWS) — A study by scientists from the University of New Mexico has revealed the leakage of ancient primordial helium-3 from the Earth’s core and rethink the process of its formation.

Every year, about 2 kg of this light, non-radioactive isotope is ejected from the bowels of the Blue Planet. Including through large volcanoes. This may serve as confirmation of the hypothesis that the Earth was formed inside the solar nebula.

According to geochemical studies, there may be helium-3 reservoirs in the bowels of the plan. However, their exact location is unknown.

Now experts suggest that the Earth is supplied with this ancient isotope by the core, which serves as a leaky reservoir. From it, other volatile substances can also enter the mantle, reports Planet Today.

In the future, scientists will have to answer a number of questions. For example, to reveal the volumes of helium contained in the earth’s mantle.


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