“Heat bombs” destroy the ice of the Arctic Ocean

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(ORDO NEWS) — A group of scientists and oceanographers conducted a study during which they tested the effect of jets of warm water on the Arctic Ocean. As a result, the sea ice began to melt faster.

Thanks to the experience of scientists from the Scripps Institute of the University of California at San Diego, this phenomenon was similarly described, calling it “heat bombs.”

Sci Tech Daily reports.

Heat bombs are caused by global warming. They change the nature of the ocean by affecting the Arctic ice. Glaciers are the source of climate stability in the world and are now actively melting. There is nothing scientists can do to slow this process down.

The Arctic itself is unusual and unique. It consists of layers of ice of different salinity and temperature. If in the rest of the oceans warm water flows on the surface, then the opposite is true. Warm currents have greater salinity, therefore they are denser, so they flow at depth, creating pockets of warm water. These pockets are accelerating the melting of the lower layers of Arctic glaciers.

Heat bombs gradually rise from the bottom to the top. Thus, the maximum impact on the glaciers. Over the past decades, the influx of warm water from the Pacific Ocean has increased significantly, which hastened the melting of glaciers. Oceanologists are confident that such changes can affect the emergence of a new ecosystem, which will entail the disappearance of some species of animals and the emergence of others.


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