Head of Pfizer believes that the coronavirus will be with us for a very long time

(ORDO NEWS) — It is unlikely that we will be able to say goodbye to the coronavirus soon. That is why we will have to live with Covid-19 for a few more years.

At the same time, quite stringent restrictions will be lifted, which today can be observed in many countries due to the fact that in many countries a huge number of new cases of infection are regularly recorded.

Albert Burla, the head of Pfizer, made a statement that in the future there will no longer be such powerful waves, and the number of infected people will gradually decrease.

The director of a well-known pharmaceutical company expressed his opinion during an interview with one of the German TV channels.

He also stressed that the virus will circulate for many more years, because it managed to spread absolutely all over the planet and it is not possible to completely solve the problem because of this.

The director of the company additionally added that Pfizer employees are doing everything possible to create the most effective vaccine that will help overcome not only Omicron, but also all other possible variants of the virus.

Due to this, it will be possible to significantly reduce the number of cases of not only infection, but also hospitalizations, as well as deaths.

It is worth noting that the forecast regarding the situation with coronavirus in 2022 was also given by the head of the virology department of the German clinic Charite Christian Drosten.

He is confident that Omicron acts more gently, so he can quickly narrow the scale of the coronavirus to the endemic level. When everyone on the planet gets sick with this disease, it will help to get the necessary herd immunity.


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