Haunted house for sale in New York

(ORDO NEWS) — Michelle Bell, 56, has put up the mansion for sale. It has been owned by her family for six generations.

The woman says the reason for the sale is that the house brings her too many sad memories of her mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. Michelle looked after her for nine years. The Times Union reports.

The American woman told that ghosts live in a huge house. It contains the spirits of not only the woman’s relatives, but also the lodger, who was found dead in the basement of the house. Michelle also claims to have seen three men whom she does not know.

The strange mansion has been known for a long time, even outside the state. He was regularly visited by numerous experts who study the paranormal. They have repeatedly confirmed the fact that there are many ghosts in the basement of the house.

Michelle wants $ 444 for the mansion. This amount was not chosen by chance. This is the number of an angel that she dreamed some time ago. The woman also said that when she sleeps in the house, she constantly hears screams or loud rustling. Thrill seekers rent one of the $ 206 bedrooms for the night to get their adrenaline rush.

Michelle stressed that she would like to sell the mansion to a young married couple, who, perhaps, would open a fast food establishment in it.


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