Half planet, half star found near Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA engineer Dan Caselden spent time playing the popular Counter-Strike game and at that time he managed to make a very strange astronomical discovery. 

After dying in the game, the man conducted an automatic search for the NASA space telescope. At some point, it was possible to fix an incomprehensible object that was moving at great speed. Reported by Quanta Magazine.

Caselden immediately wrote to the astronomers who worked with him on the project. After the possibility that this was just an image artifact was completely ruled out, scientists realized that they were observing something extremely unusual. 

The space object had a low luminosity and was located at a distance of 50 light years from our planet. At the same time, its speed of movement was 200 kilometers per second. The object was originally named WISE 1534-1043, but after a while it was renamed “Accident”.

Caselden suggested that he was able to spot a brown dwarf. It is a star that does not have enough mass to start the process of nuclear fusion in its core. Initially, formation occurs like a star, but such objects do not gain mass in order to finally turn into it.

Brown dwarfs can get very hot, but at the same time they have an atmosphere that resembles that of Jupiter. These objects are a cross between a star and a planet.


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