“Hairy” black holes – the key to unraveling the paradoxes of the universe

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists claim to have found a solution to one of the biggest paradoxes that has plagued theoretical physicists for decades.

If their theory is proven, it could revolutionize our understanding of black holes and the laws that govern the physics of the entire universe. In other words, this team of scientists can make a really big leap.

“Problem solved!” said Xavier Calmette, a professor at the University of Sussex and lead author of the new study, the results of which are published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

Black holes and the paradox of the universe

This paradox, first identified by the late Stephen Hawking , has made conflicting theories Einstein’s general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics virtually irreconcilable.

Simply put, general relativity states that what goes into a black hole cannot get out. Quantum mechanics says that this is impossible. This means that any of these theories could be wrong, undermining our basic understanding of how the universe works.

Quantum theory states that information about any particle is preserved, even if it is destroyed (for example, by a black hole).

But Hawking discovered that black holes emit particles that no longer contain any of this information, in the form of ” Hawking radiation .” This phenomenon is incompatible with the general principles of quantum mechanics and represents the most serious scientific problem.

Yes, quantum hair exists

However, Calmette and his international team of scientists claim they have a radical new solution in the form of their “quantum hair theorem.” To be more precise, their theory is called “yes, quantum hair exists.”

They suggest that “quantum hair” allows you to save information about what enters the black hole and what leaves the area of ​​its influence – without violating the laws of general relativity and quantum mechanics.

Hairy black holes the key to unraveling the paradoxes of the universe 2

The new theory is aptly named, given that it refers to a previous attempt to reconcile general relativity and quantum mechanics with the “no hair theorem” proposed by the American theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler . Wheeler argued that black holes are “bald” and have no physical characteristics other than mass, electric charge, and spin.

It’s likely that a new theory won’t end years of discussion, but Calmet says we may not have to admit that existing theories are wrong after all.

“One of the consequences of Hawking’s paradox was the incompatibility of general relativity and quantum mechanics,” Calmet said. “But we found that they are very compatible.”


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