Hackers uncovered part of the “incriminating evidence” on Trump

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Hackers uncovered part of the “compromising evidence” on Trump. This information allegedly could prevent him from being re-elected president for a second term.

It is reported that a group of hackers calling themselves REvil received confidential data from the base of a law firm in New York that they hacked. However, it is alleged that this company is not associated with the head of the United States. The company itself refused to negotiate with ransomware.

Interestingly, these hackers previously demanded $ 21 million for documents allegedly compromising on celebrities, including Lady Gaga and Madonna. Later, criminals began to demand $ 42 million, threatening to publish information about Trump.

The head of the law firm said that he was given links to encrypted files, where the attackers posted part of the alleged compromising evidence. The lawyer also had access passwords. It is reported that we are talking about 169 messages from e-mail. At the same time, journalists write that they do not contain anything incriminating the US president.


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