Hackers steal data using fake web pages

(ORDO NEWS) — Hackers figured out how to steal user data by changing pages in the Google Chrome browser. This is reported by BleepingComputer.

Journalists talked about a new method of fraud, with which hackers began to steal personal information of Internet users. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, attackers have learned how to create fake web pages that mimic the login windows of various services.

Experts called the new type of information theft “browser in the browser attack” (Browser in the Browser Attack, BitB).

Hackers can create a fake registration or login button on a phishing site, by clicking on which the victim will see in his Chrome browser a new page that imitates the login window – like Google, Facebook, Dropbox services. After the user enters the login and password from his account , the script steals his data.

The authors noted that it is difficult to distinguish a fake login page from a real one, since in addition to the design, a scammer can write the URL he needs using a script. Experts advised users to be careful when visiting dubious web resources.

Earlier, Angara Security specialists said that scammers began to disguise viruses as banners with ads about “browser updates”. According to experts, such banners most often appear among owners of Android smartphones and users of the Chrome browser.


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