Hacker blocked chastity belt and demanded a ransom

(ORDO NEWS) — A hacker blocked an American’s penis in a male chastity belt. The victim told about this to Vice.

According to Sam Summers, he was sitting at home wearing a Cellmate chastity belt from the Chinese manufacturer Qiui, when suddenly an inscription appeared in the attachment to this device that someone was connecting to the device. After that, the belt was blocked. At first, the man decided that this was the trick of his girlfriend, but she declared her innocence. Soon a hacker got in touch and demanded to transfer a thousand dollars in bitcoins to release.

The man fulfilled the cyber criminals condition, but he demanded an additional amount. After that Summers and his girlfriend began to act on their own. Finding no tools in the house other than a hammer, the couple went to the store for bolt cutters. Despite the horror, intense pain and bloody cuts, Summers eventually managed to remove the device.

He admitted that after the incident, the penis healed for more than a month. Summers also said that he threw out the ill-fated device and reconsidered his attitude to the acquisition of Internet-connected home devices.

In 2017, Germany launched the production of underwear with a combination lock and alarm. Unusual underwear is made of a durable material that won’t tear and is difficult to cut. To remove the laundry, you must enter the code. If the built-in sensors detect an attempt of unauthorized access, a siren with a volume of 130 decibels will sound.


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