Guy sold his selfies for a million dollars

(ORDO NEWS) — A student from Indonesia has earned a million dollars from his own selfies, thanks to sales through the NFT platform.

“I thought it would be funny if one of the collectors got my face,” said the guy. “I never thought that someone would want to buy my selfies,” he added. Initially, the student valued each photo for only three dollars.

He had a decent amount of such selfies. The fact is that the guy led the project: almost every day for the past five years, the student photographed himself sitting in front of the computer.

His idea was to use an album of nearly 1,000 selfies to create a graduation video. Now the plans have changed.

guy sold his selfies for a million dollars 2

After an Indonesian celebrity came across the guy’s selfie on the OpenSea website, the total cost of the set reached 317 ethers, or more than a million dollars.

At its peak, each selfie cost 0.9 Ether, or about $3,000.

The guy asked collectors not to abuse his photographs so that his parents would not be upset.


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