Guards, dancers and city inspectors how the world uses the famous robot dogs

(ORDO NEWS) — More recently, the whole world has watched with delight videos with robots from Boston Dynamics, in which the robot dog Spot opens the door to the headquarters, and the robot loader trains to put boxes on racks.

Now the Boston robot family arranges daring dance jams and wrestler-like dragging trucks, and robots are becoming a familiar element of the urban landscape: delivering packages, filming videos, patrolling the streets. What successes in helping people have been achieved by the favorites of the public – robotic dogs?

The greatest variety reigns in the camp of robotic dogs. Today, dozens of companies produce them, and one company can create several types of “human cyberfriends”.

Apparently, in order to make contacts with them easier for people, many developers have provided their brainchildren with characteristic plasticity, skills and habits of bobbies and watchdogs: they give a paw, do somersaults, enthusiastically respond to strokes.

The arsenal of robotic dog skills is amazing. They work as couriers, inspect gas platforms in the ocean, analyzing not only visual data, but also temperature and sounds, go up and down stairs, open doors and press buttons, and also take readings from sensors, monitor corrosion, measure methane levels.

The famous “spots” not only do somersaults, but also help firefighters and police in situations dangerous to humans – on fires, during natural disasters, during the arrest of armed criminals.

There are more exotic ways to use the skills of the robot dog. In Italy, they patrol the ruins of Pompeii, protecting ancient ruins from both natural erosion and the greed of tourists.

In Shanghai, robops have been inspecting the city during the coronavirus outbreaks, urging citizens to stay at home, wash their hands and watch their temperatures.

Elon Musk “hired” them to inspect the Starship launch pad after rocket launch. And the US Army is testing robotic dogs, seriously intending to enlist them in patrolling the long border with Mexico.

Guards dancers and city inspectors how the world uses the famous robot dogs 2

Assistant robots are also taking root in Russia. “Rovers” Yandex, similar to small moon rovers, are now cheerfully delivering food. And in the service of the State Inspectorate for Control over the Use of Real Estate in the City of Moscow, two robops work.

The department, which makes sure that the capital’s buildings and lands are used properly, fights unauthorized construction and clutter, has hired electronic assistants to tirelessly patrol the streets and “monitor” violations.

The four-legged assistants of the capital’s real estate inspectors were produced by the Chinese company Unitree Robotics, which introduced the world market to high-performance bionic robots XDog, LaikaGo, A1 and AlienGo, and by Deep robotics, also from China.

Both models have a special package designed for the specific needs of the customer, which was preceded by in-depth analytical work. Therefore, the resulting devices can be confidently called a joint development of Chinese manufacturers and the State Inspectorate.

The battery of the robot dog is enough for 50-75 minutes of work. They can accelerate up to 11 kilometers per hour, can use lidar – laser radar – to create an accurate 3D map of the area and measure the size of buildings.

Thus, they automate the primary stage of the survey of the territory, taking on the survey and measurements of real estate.

And the employees of the State Inspectorate, freed from routine work, can now focus on expert assessment, for which the machine cannot take responsibility.

The first State Inspectorate robot is called Cody, and the whole world comes up with a nickname for the second. On the Active Citizen portal, there is a process of choosing a name from four options: Artie, Electronics, SmartGIN or Hertz. You can also offer your own.

Until the end of March 2022, because of the snow, Cody and his as-yet-unnamed partner undertook trial “forays” into the city, and when the snow melted, full-fledged surveys began.

In case of a successful test result, the State Inspectorate for Real Estate will increase the staff of high-tech devices and software, which, along with robops, includes quadrocopters, software algorithms for identifying non-residential objects and land plots with signs of violations, a city video surveillance system and artificial intelligence technologies and virtual reality technologies: VR simulators and an interactive game model with realistic city scenery and 3D characters that help employees, trainees and trainees learn and improve their professional skills.


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