Greenland’s glaciers are melting much faster than previously thought

(ORDO NEWS) — Previously, researchers studying the problem of melting glaciers in Greenland used a model developed for Antarctica.

It turned out that these calculations are not entirely correct. When the new model was applied, it turned out that the problem was much more serious than expected.

When scientists finally applied the new model, they found out that the glaciers are melting 100 times faster than previously assumed.

The main difference between the Antarctic and Greenland glaciers is their location.

In Antarctica, they float on top of seawater, and in Greenland they are on the edges of fjords. Therefore, the first model was not suitable for research.

Research was carried out by Rebecca Jackson and her team of scientists from Rutgers University. They measured ice cliffs with the help of special robot boats.

The latest data received during scientific missions in this area were also taken into account.

That’s how we managed to find out that the Antarctic model is not suitable, and the scale of the disaster is bigger and more complex.

Now they found out that for many years scientists were wrong in their calculations. Rebecca explained why the glaciers are melting faster in Greenland.

First, they are cut by warm water. Secondly, when giant blocks break off from glaciers and fall into the reservoir, mini-tsunamis are formed, they also affect the acceleration of the process.

If the ice in Greenland completely melts, the water level will rise by at least 6 meters. Imagine that islands and parts of continents can go under water.

This is dangerous not only due to the rise of the waterline, but also other disasters. The composition of water in the world ocean is changing, which can lead to the death of fish and algae.


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