Greenland: 8.5 billion tons of ice melted in just one day

(ORDO NEWS) — In Greenland, on July 28, experts recorded an incredibly high air temperature, which reached 19.8 degrees. This caused 8.5 billion tons of ice to melt in just one day.

This amount is enough to cover the entire state of Florida with a layer of water of 5 centimeters. Reported by The Guardian.

As a rule, ice actively melts in Greenland throughout the summer. Since the beginning of this summer, the ice sheet has shrunk by more than 100 billion tons of ice. When melted, it enters the world’s oceans, which leads to a rapid rise in sea levels across the planet.

This melting rate is incredibly fast. It can lead to the fact that the appearance of Greenland will completely change. This was told by Marco Tedesco.

Despite the fact that the ice sheet is losing its reserves very quickly, a different record was set in 2019. About 11 billion tons of ice melted in a day.

At the same time, experts note that a large territory has been captured this year. At the moment, experts cannot say whether records will be broken this year for Greenland’s ice loss.

In the event that the ice sheet melts completely, the water level in the world’s oceans will rise by about 6 meters. As a result, many cities in all countries will be flooded.

At the same time, cities that are located on the shores of the ocean are under threat even now. By the end of this century, sea levels could rise by 10 centimeters only because the rate of ice melting in Greenland has increased significantly in recent years.


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