Green energy turned out to be a threat to rare animal species

(ORDO NEWS) — Florida is rapidly increasing the installation of solar energy facilities to combat carbon emissions and climate change.

However, the expansion of the use of renewable energy sources may be accompanied by environmental problems, such as a decrease in the habitable zone of rare animals.

Florida panthers need so-called wilderness corridors where panthers can live, roam and breed without the danger of entering human territory.

Moreover, they have very large home ranges – males require about 200 square miles and depend on their ability to roam freely for survival.

Scientists from Florida Atlantic University have found that solar panels can not only block paths to these corridors, but also be dangerous for animals.

Some power plants are surrounded by fences with barbed wire, which can cause cuts to panthers.

The researchers are urging energy companies to consider alternative routes for animals when designing facilities to avoid negative environmental impacts.


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