Great Britain wants to reconsider relations with China after pandemic

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Acting British Prime Minister Dominic Raab said that after the problem with the coronavirus is resolved, Beijing will have to answer many questions.

The British politician noted that relations with China “can no longer be the same.” At the same time, it is hardly a question of changes for the better, notes SCMP. Raab emphasized that the UK after the end of the pandemic will not be able to “conduct ordinary business with China.”

The politician noted that China worked very well with Great Britain when it came to the repatriation of citizens of the kingdom from Wuhan or the supply of medicines, but about how the pandemic started, there were “too many questions” to the PRC.

“There is no doubt that we will not be able to do business as usual after this crisis,” Rabba quoted SCMP. “We will have to ask difficult questions about how this happened and how it could be stopped earlier.”

Similar sentiments are not only ripening in the United Kingdom: earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron said that there are “too many gray spots in the history of coronavirus.”

Meanwhile, the United States does not spend time on questions, but immediately gives answers. As wrote earlier , Washington has already accused Beijing of concealing the facts of the pandemic, of not talking about its real scale and spread, which led to the outbreak of the disease in one region rapidly spreading throughout the world.

On the eve of Fox News, it completely “told the world how it was”, saying that patient # 1 in China was an employee of a laboratory working with pathogens. He was said to have been bitten by an experimental bat, American journalists say.

“Numerous facts indicate that the source of COVID-19 has not yet been determined and that it points to different regions. The virus is a common enemy of all mankind, the search for a“ zero patient ”is not aimed at nailing him to the“ pillar of shame, ”but in order to better understand this virus, find out the path of its evolution and then completely defeat it, ”the diplomat said.

“Relying on modern science and technology, we can trace the source of the virus and be sure that sooner or later the day will come when all the secrets will be revealed,” the Chinese ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui commented on these attacks.

China has previously denied all the charges brought against it, but it does not dismiss all issues, especially since on April 17, the Chinese authorities updated the information on the fatalities in Wuhan. After recounting, it turned out that there were 1290 more cases – 3869.


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