Gravity still shapes the surface of the earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Like all planets, the Earth is a product of gravity. The gradually growing mass of dust and rock sucked in enough material to become the swollen mineral ball we now call home.

And today, gravity continues to shape our planet from within, in much more subtle ways than we can imagine.

The new study highlights the subtle gravitational effects of deep-seated structures on the rise and fall of the earth’s crust.

The researchers compare them to a mass of ice attached to an iceberg underwater, which is not immediately visible but still plays an important role in the structure and shifts occurring above.

These deep gravitational pulls and jolts can create jerky movements along faults in the Earth’s crust, collapsing mountain belts and exposing rocks that were previously 24 km below the surface, creating structures known as metamorphic core complexes.

Although numerous studies have previously attempted to explain the exact formation mechanisms of metamorphic core complexes, the conditions for their evolution remain something of a mystery.


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