Gravity continues to shape our planet, scientists find

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have figured out how gravity shapes the Earth from within, giving the planet its unique shape. Thanks to gravity, our planet has the shape of an ellipsoid, however, like other planets in the solar system.

The fact is that the distance between the center of the Earth and the surface at the equator is greater than between the center of the Earth and the surface at the poles.

And if you think that the Earth is round, you are mistaken, but for those who believe that it is flat, this will be a revelation.

Recently, researchers have discovered how gravitational forces deep within the Earth helped shape its landscape and shape. These forces are located deep under the mountain belts, which cause sharp movements along the faults.

These faults lead to the collapse of the mountain belt and the exposure of rocks that were once located more than 30 kilometers below the surface.

When the shape of the Earth is affected by gravity , other factors are also at work. These include the planet’s uneven surface, varying levels of resource distribution within the planet, and uneven layers in the crust and mantle.

A study published in the journal Nature Communications says that gravitational forces created by the topography and movement of the Earth’s crust cause the upward flow pattern of the lower and middle crust. The results obtained may give a new insight into the evolution of the Earth.

To come to these conclusions, the scientists examined exposed rocks that are fossil evidence of ancient mountain belts in the western United States around the Phoenix and Las Vegas regions.

In their work, the geologists also showed that the peak of mammal diversity is related to the peak of destruction of ancient mountain belts, thus demonstrating how the deep forces of the Earth, combined with climate, affect the landscape and influence the diversity of mammals and the distribution of species.


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