Graphene helped significantly increase the life of concrete by preventing it from absorbing moisture

(ORDO NEWS) — To make concrete last longer, you need to somehow reduce its ability to conduct water – and it seems that scientists have found a solution.

New concrete after hardening absorbs 76% less moisture, which significantly increases its service life.

Concrete may appear to be a hard, impervious material, but its porous structure allows a small amount of water to seep through anyway.

As you know, when water turns into ice, it significantly increases in volume, so in winter this moisture leads to the appearance of microcracks . In addition, concrete may be subjected to additional salt, which is sprinkled on roads and which also gradually destroys the material.

Surface sealing chemicals are often applied to concrete to slow its wear, but they usually only have a minor effect on the process.

In search of a more effective alternative, scientists at the University of Washington created a water-based solution containing graphene oxide nanoparticles and montmorillonite nanoclay. This solution was added to a commercial potassium methyl siliconate based concrete sealer.

When applying a reinforced sealant to concrete samples, it was found that it densifies their internal microstructure. As a result, the treated concrete structures were 75% more water-repellent than conventional sealer-treated controls and 44% more resistant to salt.

The improved sealant also prevented water vapor and other potentially damaging gases from penetrating the concrete. And as an added bonus, sealant can be applied to freshly poured concrete to help it dry quickly and completely.

And bacteria live in concrete , which can sometimes do a good job of building

Plans are underway to test the technology on the road over the next two years to see how it stands up to wear and tear from traffic, inclement weather and other factors.


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