Google’s epidemiologist made a disappointing forecast for the future of humanity

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — 75-year-old Larry Diamond has been collaborating with the World Health Organization for a long time and even participated in the creation of the prophetic film “Infection.” The other day, a man working now at Google made a disappointing forecast regarding the future of humanity.

Back in 2006, Larry spoke of a terrible pandemic, but then his words seemed too fantastic and unrealistic. The epidemiologist then said that about a billion people would fall ill, and 165 million would die. All economies will be affected by a deep crisis; thousands of people will not be able to receive medical care.

Today, Larry is on self-isolation in California. The specialist called coronavirus a new disease that cannot be re-ill. Who received a positive second test result most likely had false results. Until the time when scientists create the vaccine, millions have time to get sick. Humanity will receive collective immunity by 70-80%, the virus will not infect anyone.

The diamond believes that self-isolation is a great solution to the problem until scientists create the vaccine. The specialist hopes that it will be both for the prevention of the virus, and for treatment.

The world needs to do three things: determine the actual number of patients (provide each state with the necessary number of tests), develop an effective vaccine and then see a large number of people who are immune from coronavirus.


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