Going back to school turned out to be the best cure for a concussion

(ORDO NEWS) — Although a child who has suffered a concussion is usually sent home, Canadian researchers found that the sooner a small patient goes back to school after that, the sooner he returns to normal life.

When a child gets a concussion, they are usually released from school and told not to return to school until they are fully recovered.

However, the results of a large-scale study conducted by a group of Canadian scientists prove that the sooner a child begins to live a normal life, the easier and faster his concussion symptoms will pass.

In a study of 1,630 young people aged five to eighteen years old, the researchers found that those who returned to school within three days of injury experienced faster recovery from concussion symptoms (such as headaches and confusion) and improved self-esteem. felt two weeks later.

It is possible that returning to school has a therapeutic effect on children due to moderate physical activity, normalization of sleep and wakefulness, and reduced stress from prolonged stay at home.

The effect of an early return to classes was more pronounced in middle school and graduate school students than in elementary school students.

There are many other factors that can affect a child’s return to school after a concussion, including the severity of the injury and the potential psychological stress of being at school (for example, if a child is bullied by classmates).

More research will be needed to determine the optimal time to return to school for each patient.

In general, the results of the study prove that the prolonged absence of children from school and the resulting restriction of their physical and social activity is more detrimental to health than helps to restore it after a concussion.

The child should be allowed to return to normal life within a few days in order to minimize the negative consequences of the injury.


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