God’s help, sheep’s eyes or wine with cocaine : How did people get drunk before

(ORDO NEWS) — It is difficult to say who first invented alcohol, but it is known for sure that humanity has been familiar with the “green serpent” at least since the Neolithic.

Sheep’s eyes, raw eel, rabbit droppings tea, wine with cocaine, gallows skull powder are just a small part of the list of hangover remedies that people from different countries and times were saved from.

While in ancient Egypt, the inhabitants begged for vomiting and cleansing from Nebetkhet – the goddess of the underworld, sexuality and beer – the Romans, casting aside prayers, spread crushed snails on their sore heads, drank a serving of owl eggs and ate fried canaries with salt and pepper.

Laughter with laughter, but modern science confirms the presence of cysteine ​​​​in bird eggs, which accelerates the removal of toxins from the body.

And how will science comment on pickled sheep’s eyes as a remedy for a hangover among the Mongols?

Gods help sheeps eyes or wine with cocaine how did people get drunk before 2

Sounds disgusting, but healing vomiting was guaranteed. In medieval Rus’, the problem was approached thoroughly.

To strengthen the special prayer that gets rid of a hangover, a miracle of a stew with the same name “hangover” was poured orally.

Gods help sheeps eyes or wine with cocaine how did people get drunk before 3

It was made on lamb, seasoned with pickles. This fatty and spicy soup had to be eaten hot, ideally after a bath, which perfectly accelerates blood circulation, expelling all toxins.

Ivan the Terrible had his own arsenal of miraculous potions in the form of frog mucus and bedbug powder. But the painful method of bee stings enjoyed special love.

The bee was supposed to bite a person who was suffering from a hangover, after which he should have drunk a glass of alcohol. Lucky only those who were not allergic to bee venom. Otherwise, a person could get rid of not only a hangover…

Well, what about without Peter I! After all, he often visited the German Quarter, where he did not mind sipping another glass.

And in the morning, to save himself from a hangover, the king put on felt boots and drank pickle. Why boots? Warm sheep’s wool helped to achieve vasodilation and optimize blood circulation.

Medieval Europe had its own methods of dealing with a hangover. From a perfectly adequate use of olive oil before drinking and eating herring with onions in the morning to the newfangled “Goddard Drops” developed by the medical genius Jonathan Goddard.

The composition of the remedy included a crushed hangman’s skull, ammonia, crushed dried viper and ivory – it’s still better than nothing.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, iron men with iron guts hung over a drink of warm rum mixed with butter. Sometimes bacon cracklings and beaver sprig were added to this cocktail. Uh…

While 19th-century Victorian ladies were rubbing vinegar on their whiskeys and the Wild West was brewing dried hare droppings with boiling water, the British finally found one of the best ways to deal with alcohol poisoning. We are talking about adsorbents.

We use activated charcoal, and the Englishman poured a glass of hot water, poured soot into it and, blessing himself, drank this mixture in one gulp.

Gods help sheeps eyes or wine with cocaine how did people get drunk before 4

A crazy time was going on in Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when Pope Leo XIII advertised “Vino Mariani” with 250 milligrams of cocaine per liter of wine. It was considered the best hangover cure. After raw eel and hare droppings, they can be understood.

Gods help sheeps eyes or wine with cocaine how did people get drunk before 5

Nowadays, there are many drugs for the symptoms of a hangover, but the best of them is self-control, so that in the morning you do not know all the delights of this ailment.


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