Goats climbed into a police car and ate important documents

(ORDO NEWS) — In the US, a sheriff’s deputy found goats in his car chewing his papers.

In the United States, an Alabama sheriff’s deputy, Casey Trower, was on duty when he discovered that goats had climbed into a police car and eaten important papers. It is reported by Fox News.

The incident caught on video occurred early in the morning on Friday, August 26. Trower was involved in the delivery of court documents.

He left his car door open when he visited another house, but the last thing he expected was to see two goats upon his return.

The video, which was made by the man himself, shows how one goat is standing on the hood of the car, and the second is chewing documents in the cabin.

“Get out of here! Are you mocking me? Get out!” Trower says irritably off-camera.

After some time, the policeman managed to drive the voracious animals away.

The sheriff’s office posted a post on the social network, where they talked about the incident.

“There is no routine while working in the patrol unit,” the employees joked.


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