GMC sold out Hummer that doesn’t exist

(ORDO NEWS) — Many startups were accused of selling things that did not exist in reality, but the same situation happened with the new GMC Hummer EV – General Motors has collected pre-orders for an electric car, which does not yet exist.

On October 21, the premiere of the revived Hummer brand took place – the legendary brand, which was closed in 2010, returns to the market a decade later. True, already in the form of an electric car model, but this did not frighten the fans.

According to General Motors, within an hour of the opening of pre-orders, customers have booked all copies of the limited edition GMC Hummer EV Edition One, timed to coincide with the start of production of the new model. The automaker does not say exactly how many electric pickups it intends to make in the Edition One version, but these cars account for the entire circulation of the first year of production, since Edition One will hit the market in the fall of 2021, and until the fall of 2022, another version on the assembly line of the Detroit plant. will be.

Anyone wishing to become the owners of the GMC Hummer EV Edition One had to make a refundable deposit of $ 100, which did not stop customers. General Motors stressed that they did not expect such a rush of demand for a car, not a single copy of which at the moment … simply does not exist.

The American concern honestly admitted that at the time of the official premiere of the revived Hummer, not a single electric pickup had been assembled yet. There are only a few factory prototypes that were used to test the model – all of these electric vehicles are different from each other and are far from being shown at the presentation and product versions, which will be released on the market until assembled.

The chief engineer of the GMC Hummer EV project, Al Oppenheiser, bluntly stated that the video showed computer graphics depicting an electric car, and while the company is busy assembling the first test instance, which will exactly repeat the production model. When he is ready and goes out on the road – not reported.


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