Gloomy forecasts for the colonization of Mars announced

(ORDO NEWS) — The researchers said that future colonists who try to take root in the Martian expanses will face many diseases and other serious problems. For example, they will be completely dependent on those supplies that can be carried out exclusively from Earth. In addition, there will be a catastrophic shortage of food for people, which may well provoke the emergence of even cannibalism.

Anthropologist Cameron Smith of Oregon State University in Portland, along with fellow astrobiologist Charles Cockell of the University of Edinburgh, warned that Mars exploration will not go as smoothly as many hope.

For quite a long time, experts have been talking about how you can colonize not only the Moon, but also Mars. Until now, these are just discussions and have not come down to business yet. Experts are confident that the colonists who will live on the Red Planet will ultimately rebel against the inhabitants of the Earth. But now the forecasts have become even more gloomy and do not carry any positive in themselves.

Elon Musk is very much interested in this topic and considers the colonization of Mars to be quite real. Some time ago, he made a promise that in just 5-10 years the first inhabitants will be delivered to the planet. He also said that it may take almost half a billion years to create the right habitat on the Red Planet. It is after such a period of time that our planet may become too hot for people to live on it.

Radiation and the truly extreme conditions on Mars are only a small part of the problems that people can face after the resettlement begins. The biggest obstacles can be multiple diseases, and the fact that people will not be able to live normally if there is no constant supply of food from the Earth. Due to the lack of food, people will become hostile to each other, and then cannibalism may well begin to develop.

The researchers add that the colony can be created, but only as a kind of insurance that will not allow people to disappear. The option with protection from the changes that await our planet should not be the main one.

The experts also add that it is necessary to discuss in advance in detail all those issues that relate to the supply of food to Mars. At the same time, they believe that the possibility of colonizing any of the planets of the solar system will be extremely problematic due to the fact that certain conditions necessary for the normal life of mankind are completely absent. More suitable options for people could well be Callisto, which is a satellite of Jupiter, or Saturn’s satellite, Titan.

Earlier we wrote that Elon Musk spoke about all the dangers of the upcoming mission to conquer Mars. The founder of Space X believes that landing on Mars and its colonization will be very difficult. At first, there will be deaths, the entrepreneur and engineer are sure. He plans to carry out the first Mission to Mars in 2026. The man himself is ready to risk his life for such a great cause.

And also recall that scientists know how to make a habitable planet out of Mars. A team of experts from different countries presented an incredible plan for how you can create an artificial magnetic field on Mars. With its help, it will be possible to achieve the necessary conditions for the existence of people on the planet. Such actions will be the most important step towards “terraforming” Mars.


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