Global warming will release new microbes and increase heat-related deaths

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the US have posted new articles in the Journal of Clinical Research. In them, they warned humanity that as a result of global warming, completely new microbes could be released. Some of them will have an extremely negative effect on people and, when ingested, will not allow full control of body temperature.

Dr. Rexford Ahima said that the human body is able to generate heat on its own and control body temperature in a range that is several degrees. But due to the fact that heat waves are more frequent, and their strength and duration are increasing, an increase in mortality can be expected as a result of abnormal heat.

Achima also drew attention to a recent study that looked at global heat-related deaths. A jump in mortality and an increase in morbidity can be observed in residents of tropical as well as subtropical countries. In the USA and Europe, the increase in mortality will be gradual.

Immunologist Arturo Casadevall added that microbes easily adapt to high enough temperatures. Due to global warming, there is a risk that new strains may emerge that are more resistant to high temperatures. Such microbes will be able to break through the endothermic defense of the human body and provoke the emergence of various infectious diseases.

In all published articles, experts urge that everything possible be done as soon as possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions around the world. Otherwise, the temperature will continue to increase to incredible levels, which will be the beginning of a real disaster.


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