Global pandemic rates “stabilize” with cases reaching 20 million

(ORDO NEWS) — According to official sources, more than 20 million cases of the new coronavirus are currently registered worldwide, more than half in the Americas.

Currently, at least 20,002,577 cases of diseases and 733,842 deaths have been registered.

More than four out of 10 coronavirus cases are reported in the United States and Brazil, the two worst-affected countries in the world.

While the United States has 5,075,678 cases and 163,282 deaths, Brazil has 3,057,470 infections and 101,752 deaths.

The rate of the pandemic appears to be stabilizing globally, with another million cases being detected approximately every four days since mid-July.

After the announcement of the first official case in China, it took 94 days to register one million infected. Eighty-six days later, on June 28, the barrier of 10 million people was overcome. Since then, the number of infected people has doubled in a month and a half.

Latin America and the Caribbean, the hardest hit region with 5,601,470 cases and 221,281 deaths, the epidemic continues to spread rapidly, with 576,583 new infections recorded in the past seven days.

It is followed by Asia (495 663), Canada and the United States (379 017), Europe (153 879), Africa (89 644), the Middle East (74 588) and Oceania (3372).

Canada and the United States make up the second most affected region overall, with 5,195,417 cases and 172,300 deaths, ahead of Asia (3,493,026 cases, 72,486 deaths), Europe (3,374,166 cases, 213,484 deaths) and the Middle East (1,257,417 cases, 30,363 deaths).

In Africa (1,057,730 infections, 23,582 deaths), the least affected continent after Oceania (23,351,346), more than half of the cases are in South Africa.

The infected figure represents only a small fraction of the actual number of cases, as many countries only use tests after symptoms appear or do not have sufficient resources to conduct large-scale testing.


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