Global demand for mechanical ventilation devices exceeded supply by 10 times

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Demand for mechanical ventilation devices around the world is 10 times the number of devices that are in hospitals.

An increase in the number of people with a critical form of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus has increased the demand for mechanical ventilation devices (IVL). At the moment, it is ten times the number of devices that are in hospitals around the world, writes Bloomberg with reference to the leading Chinese manufacturer of medical equipment Mindray.

Along with other market participants, the company noticed an increase in orders from abroad. This is explained by the desire of countries to get more mechanical ventilation devices needed for intensive care units. In the most severe cases of Covid-19 infection, the availability of devices to help patients breathe becomes a decisive factor in the struggle for their lives, the agency notes.

According to Secretary of Mindray Board of Directors Li Wenmei, demand is many times greater than the number of orders that the company is able to accept. Production capacity has already been increased, but even this is not enough to complete all orders, Wenmei added. The Chinese company also tripled its production of monitors that track vital signs of patients. Mindray now makes 30,000 such devices per month.

According to Bloomberg, the number of coronavirus victims in the world has already exceeded 19,000. In this situation, hospitals, in which usually there are only a few ventilators, need one such device for each patient in critical condition, the agency indicates.

Now Mindray, which produces up to 3,000 ventilators per month, is trying first of all to fulfill foreign orders, the source told Bloomberg. In China itself, the number of new cases of the disease has declined: the country’s inhabitants are returning to work and the usual rhythm of life, despite the growing epidemic worldwide, the agency notes.


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