Global climate change could make people small

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the specialist, numerous fossil finds show that the size of mammals correlates with climate change. There are many hypotheses that explain this phenomenon.

In particular, the option is being considered that less moisture is also lost from a small surface area of ​​​​the body. But Professor S. Brusatte draws attention to what is happening now.

According to him, one can draw an unpleasant analogy with representatives of the horse species. Their ancestors were larger and more massive, but warming led to the fact that they gradually decreased in size.

“The question is, will it affect people, will they become dwarfs if the temperature rises at a rapid pace? I think this is quite plausible, ”said the scientist in his new book.

He recalled the concepts existing in biology, the so-called Bergman’s rule, which states that the warmer the climate around an animal, the smaller it is compared to related species living in a cooler climate.

Not all colleagues supported the professor’s opinion. Anthropologists point out that technological progress has reached such an extent that the rules of natural selection, when only the fittest survive, no longer apply to people.

It can only be taken into account when studying ancient tribes, whose representatives, in general, became smaller due to insufficient resources.


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