Glass balls found on the dark side of the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — The Chinese lunar rover Yutu-2 is studying the far side of the moon. It is not visible from Earth. Scientists suggest that the device made an incredibly interesting discovery.

During this discovery, strange glass balls were recorded on the back of the Earth satellite. They can store valuable information about the history of the moon.

Also, experts suggest that they can obtain new data on the composition of the satellite’s mantle and on those meteorite impacts that occurred earlier. But where could these balls come from?

As it turned out, glass on the moon is quite common. Its formation is due to the fact that lunar dust contains a lot of silicates, which are subjected to a fairly high temperature. Both components necessary for the formation of glass meet on the satellite.

In addition, volcanic activity was previously present on the Moon, so a huge amount of volcanic stele was formed. Also influenced by collisions with a huge number of meteorites, which provoked an increase in temperature.

Experts led by Zhiyong Xiao note that the discovered glass beads appeared as a result of the impact of a fairly large meteorite, as well as the formation of a crater.

At the same time, experts cannot give an exact answer, because the rest of the glass on the satellite looks a little different than that found by Yutu-2.

The size of the granules was 15-25 millimeters. They are larger than all other objects of this type, present not only on the Moon, but also on Earth. The balls are translucent and shiny, which is another difference from other finds.


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