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Glacial flood could trigger volcanic eruption in Iceland

Glacial flood could trigger volcanic eruption in Iceland

(ORDO NEWS) — Whether glacial flooding has begun at Grímsvötn on Vatnajökull is difficult to say, and detectors likely won’t show definitive signs until tomorrow, when possible flooding is estimated to be at its peak, according to Salome Jørunn Bernhardsdottir, a disaster expert at the Met Office.

Yesterday, the chief of the national police in the south issued an alert at the level of uncertainty due to a possible glacial flood in Grímsvötn.

The glacial ice has come down, and the water that is about to burst out from under it will probably appear in Gigyukvisla.

The alarm for Grimsvötn has been changed to yellow, as pressure drops could lead to volcanic activity. Thus, the glacier will act like pulling the trigger of a gun, causing an eruption.


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