Girl with the square head showed a new attractive face

(ORDO NEWS) — The girl, whose head became square due to cosmetic procedures, showed a new attractive appearance after recovery, reported by The Sun.

Sofia Marroquin, 19, from Australia, has injected excess fat from under her face. However, after the procedure, her head became swollen and square in shape.

Seven weeks later, an Australian woman shared on TikTok the effects of the popular Kybella procedure. “News of the seventh week – the last week is left until the final result,” the girl signed her publication.

On the record, it is noticeable that at the moment Marroquin’s face has received the sharp features promised in the clinic – her cheeks have decreased, and the second chin has disappeared.

The video with the square head Marroquin appeared online in June. Then she told how her naturally sharp chin was swollen and lost sensitivity after injections. Subscribers began to joke about the girl’s appearance, comparing her to the characters of the Toy Story and Shrek cartoons.


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