Girl who remembered her past lives told how people pay for sins

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The story begins with one monk who wandered in search of food. Suddenly he saw a girl tearing mulberry leaves, and decided to ask for help. The girl pointed to the Wang family, which is preparing lunches for the monks 1.5 km away. Soon the monk found the house he needed.

The Wang family was surprised how the monk could find them. A man spoke about a girl near a mulberry tree. The owners decided to visit her, only the girl was clearly not happy about this: when she saw the approaching spouses, she immediately ran home.

The Wang family decided to drop by the girl’s home. The mother answered the prolonged knocking on the door, saying that her daughter did not want to talk to anyone. She did not want to see those old people, since they had sinned a lot in their previous lives. The girl loudly recalled the goat seller and her son. Upon hearing this, the couple immediately left.

As it turned out, in some past life, the girl was a seller of goats. These people killed her to take the money. And in another life, the heroine of history was the son of this couple, but she died at the age of 20 due to illness. The family spent a lot of money on drugs.

Thus, everything in the world is natural: having committed one sin, punishment will certainly follow in the present life or in the next. If problems are now observed, then you once seriously sinned.


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