Girl suddenly fell silent, and two months later she spoke with accents

(ORDO NEWS) — Emily Egan, who lives in Essex, suffered two weeks from a severe headache. As a result, her voice began to grow stronger, and her speech became incomprehensible to others. After this, something completely unbelievable happened.

Emily was silent for two months. Specialists could not establish the cause of what was happening, and the studies carried out excluded a stroke and did not provide any opportunity to diagnose the girl. Emily used only a smartphone to communicate with others.

Emily and her friend were going on vacation and her attending physician decided that a change of scenery would solve the problem. The girl began to speak with great difficulty only 5 days after returning from travel. After a couple of days, the voice began to intensify, but at the same time four different accents appeared at once.

At the moment, Emily speaks with a distinct Polish accent. In some situations, “broken English” begins to prevail. Then the emphasis changed first to French, and then to Italian. Due to the constant state of stress, the Russian accent soon began to appear.

After several months of research, the doctors diagnosed the girl with a syndrome of foreign accent. This speech disorder is extremely rare and occurs as a result of brain damage. But the doctors failed to determine the cause of the injury.

In order to solve her problem, Emily began to attend vocal therapy, but doctors do not give any guarantees that this will help. The girl nevertheless continues to hope that her speech will be restored and her old voice will return.


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