Girl said that she was harassed in the metaverse

(ORDO NEWS) — Nina Jane Patel, a British resident, said she experienced group sexual harassment in the metaverse, writes

Patel worked as a beta tester on Facebook’s Horizon Worlds VR platform in December 2021. One day in the metaverse, three or four male avatars flew up to her.

“In fact, they practically raped my avatar in a group way, pawed me and took photos,” the girl said.

When the girl left the virtual space, the male avatars shouted that she didn’t have to pretend that she didn’t like it, and also invited her to touch herself. After that, the girl took off her headphones and left the metaverse.

In reality, the girl could not feel the touch of other users. However, she claims that this happened. According to Patel, after the virtual harassment, she began to experience excessive anxiety.

Earlier, Roskomnadzor began looking for ways to control the metaverses. The department is concerned about the possible sale of prohibited substances and weapons in virtual reality.


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