Girl mistook her newborn son for a demon

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(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of England told a terrible story about how she mistook her own newborn child for a demon.

Catherine Cho and her husband James Cho really wanted children. In 2016, Katherine was finally able to get pregnant. At the end of autumn 2017, the boy Cato was born, but his mother began to claim that from that moment in her life everything went awry.

Almost immediately after giving birth, the young mother began to experience hallucinations and gradually developed paranoia. She said that she did not feel any maternal feelings and love for her son. Katherine hoped to quickly get back in shape after giving birth, but she did not succeed. She talked about how she considered herself nothing more than a tool with which to support another life.

When Cato was almost two months old, his family went to visit relatives, where the girl could no longer restrain her emotions. While feeding the baby, she cried constantly. One day she heard strange sounds. After that, it began to seem to her that someone was constantly watching her. The girl suggested that the relatives decided to install a camera to monitor her. Because of this, Katherine even removed social media apps from her phone. After that, the situation worsened even more. One day, Katherine noticed how her son’s eyes turned into demon eyes in just a few seconds.

Gradually, everything only got worse and the girl in her head began to hear a voice that said that her son should die and her husband would be to blame for this. After Catherine began to shout that Cato was the chosen one, her husband could not stand it and sent his wife to a psychiatric hospital, worried about the health and life of the child. Doctors diagnosed the young mother with postpartum psychosis. She was admitted to the hospital for 12 days and given a special antipsychotic drug.

At the moment, Katherine is completely healthy and has a very good relationship with her son. In addition, the girl is expecting a baby again. This time she plans to prepare more carefully for the birth of her daughter.


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